Hi! My name is Terry,

Welcome to my website.

Some years ago, I became interested in the concept of preserving memories on pillows, but never did anything with it.  One day, I came across a bunch of my granddaughter’s drawings and that’s when it hit me. (You know, pillow plus art) Great idea right! Too late, someone already thought of it, and it’s all over the internet.

I thought, hey, it’s still a great idea, I’m still interested in it, and I still have a bunch of my granddaughter’s drawings.  Maybe, there’s someone else with the same situation that, have no clue what to do with these drawings and pictures.  Maybe, I can be their guide.

So, if you have the same dilemma and you’re looking for some information, feedback, or support on how to create your memories on pillows, simply log on to Throw Pillow Art and leave a comment. Visit as often as you’d like, I would love to hear from you.  I will be regularly updating the site with any ideas I come across that I know you will be interest in.

See you soon!


Founder of:  Throw Pillow Art


Email:  support@pillowplusart.com