Why throw pillows?



So, you’re probably wondering why a person would blog about throw pillows, or even pillows in general?  I mean how much can you say about throw pillows right. Well, believe it or not my interest in throw roundpillowpillows grew from childhood.  We called them cushions when I was growing up.  They were simple, mostly solid colors, but occasionally you would find them either with embroidery or with a crochet cover.  Decorators called them decorative pillows and they usually had tassels, fringe or ruffles around them.  Most throw pillows are square, but there are other shapes used, such as rectangular, circular or cylindrical that’s just as popular.



Don’t say anything but during early civilization, pillows were only used by the wealthy. They symbolized some kind of status. So the more pillows you owned the more wealth you had.  How did anyone know how many pillows a person had?  Was there some kind of social announcement telling how many pillows1208980-embroidered-cushions a person had in their bedroom?  hmmmmm! Inquiring minds wants to know. Who would have thought that pillows could symbolize status!

Pillows, the ones that we use nightly were a comfort only the rich enjoyed, because they were used to help keep bugs and insects away from their face while they slept. Pillows were also used to help reoccurring neck, back and shoulder pain.  Today pillows are still used in most part of the world to support the head or other parts of the body while you sleep.  Yeah! I went there I gave you a little history of the pillow, those same oblong looking things we use every night to sleep on.  So, getting back to throw pillows.



What we called cushions are better known as Throw pillows, or toss pillows.  We know the throw pillow as a small decorative type pillow that is usually placed on sofas or armchairs but are also used on beds, day beds and floors. Some throw pillows come with a removable cover, a feather down or foambolsterthrowpillow pillow stuffed inside, and they come in various size and shapes.  Did you know that throw pillows serve a dual purpose? one is aesthetic and the other is functional.  Aesthetically, throw pillows or decorative pillows are commonly used as accents when decorating a room often drawing on the surrounding colors in the room (you didn’t know I was a decorator?).  Functionally, throw pillows may provide back, neck and head support, although many throw pillows are said to be very uncomfortable. Throw pillows are made from a wide range of textiles which includes cotton, linen, leather, or suede, just to name a few (oops common knowledge).

In recent years, throw pillows have been renewed as an artistic medium.  All types of art are being added to throw pillows via the computer and other mediums.  The recent growth of throw pillows plus art is blueflowerartpillowdue to fashion designers.  They have increasingly become attracted to the home textiles and furnishings market and this has led to a wide range of styles.  Some of which includes logos, photos and art which are placed on pillows to give it a more personalized or custom look.

So you see, throw pillow art, not so boring! 



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Written by Terry Parson




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