Vintage Throw Pillow Design

Are you a vintage type person?


Do you like vintage designs? If you do, I bet you’ll like vintage throw pillow designs.   I do, they bring back a lot of memories for me.  While surfing the web one day, I found some vintage throw pillows on that were just amazing.  They were made from the same type of textiles I used when I was a young girl.  Burlap, linen, cotton, and canvas, I loved them!  The designs I saw on the vintage throw pillows are the same type of designs that were used back in the day, only updated.


Vintage design elements

The vintage throw pillow designs I saw were usually some type of flowers, bird in a cage, nautical theme, maps, landscapes, bicycles, flags, or folk art.  They all had that vintage look from years gone by.  Even the colors seemed as if the paint quality or dye was very old.  Growing up I could remember going to the grocery store and seeing burlap or canvas bags (we called them sacks) with a company logo, or some sort of representation of the brand on the front of the bag.  They were often filled with dried goods such as rice, and dried beans.  Some folks would take the burlap and canvas bags and turn them into throw pillows, grocery bags, and even Bermuda bags.  Some of the designs were even embroidered.


Rekindled memories

If you’re ever interested in rekindling those memories from years ago, even if it’s just one, try a vintage throw pillow.  They come in several sizes, and in those great textured textiles that we all remembered.  Visit they carry a variety of vintage throw pillows.

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Written by Terry Parson


8 thoughts on “Vintage Throw Pillow Design

  1. I love vintage designs! Never thought of the throw pillow idea. Sounds like a fun way to spruce up the house decor!

    Ah, textiles… They sure don’t make ’em like they used to. Glad some of the classics seem to be coming back into fashion, though, because their heyday was before my time.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much for visiting my website and commenting Angela. I love Vintage too! and I’m so glad that there are so many online site that carries them. Customizing is so easy with today’s technology, you can pretty much add any kind of design and textiles you want. Loved your feedback, appreciate it.

  2. Hi Terry!

    It will maybe sound stupid but I never had any thoughts on pillows. But now, after I red your article, I realized I got one myself and I like it. The idea of having them in customized versions doesn`t sound bad at all. It looks to me now that they could be easily made and even sold. A good business could be made out of it.
    Very interesting article!


    1. Thanks Igor for visiting my website and commenting. Actually, when I first though of this niche I couldn’t see where anyone would be interested. I thought, throw pillows really! But, seriously I’ve always been interested in throw pillows for some reasons. I guest it is a good business for me. Thanks again

  3. I love everything vintage. The pillows you chose are really pretty- they would add so much to my living room. Any the price is pretty reasonable too. Please do another article of vintage pillows. It sure does bring back some good memories for me too:)
    Thanks for a lovely article!

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