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For those of us who like to follow the fashion trends of the season, I thought I would update you on the throw pillow trends for fall 2015.  Yeah! Believe it, or not, there’s trending for throw pillows.  In the decorating world there are trends for every aspect of the décor.  As we head towards the end of 2015, some color trends in throw pillow design, is now all the rage for the fall season.  Fall 2015 décor is all about mixing it up, for instant some of the colors are taken from the mid century modern color hues, such as navy, burgundy, merlot (as in wine color), berry, brandy or whiskey colors, olive, terra-cotta, pale pumpkin, and deep salmon just to name a few.  These warm colors are paired with cool colors that are in the blue family, such as teal blues, aqua blues, turquoise blues, some chocolate-browns and gold.  These colors are mixed and combined in color hues on the textiles, creating a wide range of textured throw pillows.


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The simplest way to make over a room without breaking the bank is with a throw pillow.  So, to keep our homes in line with the trending of home décor fashion, we need to get ourselves a fashionable accent throw pillow trends for fall 2015.  Some of us are afraid of bold colors, or just colors for that matter, so to minimize the damage, I would like to suggest trying the color palette with one throw pillow first, maybe on that chair in the far corner, then, move on from there. If you’re still not sure that you like the trending colors, don’t worry, a throw pillow is the best way to go, and if you really don’t like it, you can just remove the pillow. Easy, right!


The one good thing about keeping up with trends, is, that it’s just a trend and probably won’t last very long.  If you’re interested in the trending colors for fall 2015, check some of the online affiliates out. Link to my product page for more information.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the content of this post, and it brightened up your day.  I appreciate your stopping by, leave a comment if you’d like, I’d love to hear from you.

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Written by Terry Parson


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