Throw Pillow Insert Review

What is a pillow insert? 

I though a good topic for review would be what goes inside a throw pillow.  This was inspired by a comment I received from a visitor to my site, asking how comfortable are throw pillows? So, I’m thinking to myself, this is a good question let me research it and compare the difference in insert.  First, let me explain what a throw pillow insert is.  A throw pillow insert is a pre-filled pillow form in a plain white case.  When purchased, these pillow forms are ready for you to stuff into a decorative throw pillow cover.  They come in many different shapes and sizes.


What are pillow insert made from?

The comfort of the throw pillow depends on the type of insert chosen.  Years ago pillows were stuff primarily with down feathers, chicken feathers, or if you were really poor straw. Today throw pillow inserts may be filled with down, feathers, polyester, a combination of feather and down, or made from foam.   Often feather and down are blended together to give the insert the feel of soft bed pillows. The premise is that down is often warmer and more comfortable than polyester or foam, but in my experience I have found that polyester or foam filled insert tends to be warmer.


Feather, down, or Synthetic (pros & cons)

There are price differences between a feather/down-filled pillow insert and a foam or polyester-filled type insert.  The most expensive insert is filled with down, feather filled insert are moderately priced, and the combination of feather and down may vary in price depending on how much down is in the insert.  The least expensive filled insert are the ones made with polyester or foam.   The disadvantage of down is that some people are allergic to it, it is heavier than the synthetics, and may not be washable. The advantage of polyester-filled and foam pillow inserts, are that they are lighter in weight and are easy to find, are washable, causes fewer allergic reactions, and are more durable. carries a variety of pillow inserts ranging from $3.99-$23.99 in price.


The future

Currently, there are other types of fillings for throw pillow inserts which include eco-friendly materials.  Recycled plastic soda bottles are an example of filling materials that are being used for some pillow inserts.  These are future endeavors that’s includes the protection of the environment.

I hope this review answered some questions you may have had concerning throw pillow inserts.  I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment below.  It is appreciated.

See you soon!


Written by Terry Parson


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