Throw Pillow Embellishments, a Punch of Glam

Punch up the Glam

Throw pillow embellishments are one way of decorating a throw pillow with a punch of glam.  exotic_fabrics_embellished_poppies_pillow-rf6e15641bdbb4222b895fe7e5f864096_2izwx_8byvr_324Depending on the decorative style of your room, you can add different types of embellishments to coordinate with your décor.  Embellishments are a fun element to add to a throw pillow, they can be fancy, sparkly, or a simple abstract design.  The goal is to add a touch of flair to the throw pillow.  Whatever your style is, it can be achieved by adding some embellishments onto your throw pillow.  As you can see this throw pillow from frames the floral design with the embellishment.  Awesome, right!


Types of embellishments

There are many types of throw pillow embellishments.  Adding colorful ribbons, beads, embroidery, redpillowwithfringeSequins, spray paint, appliqué, buttons, fringe, tassels, lace, sparkles, scarves, rickrack, belts and buckles, and stenciling are some of the items that can be added onto your throw pillow as embellishments.  Taking a plain store bought throw pillow and adding a beaded fringe, or add layer and texture by wrapping a couple of scarves around the center of the throw pillow creating a unique look.  Whether it’s an iron on transfer, a fabric overlay, or a simple message, the way to add a little bit of glam to your room is with an embellished throw pillow.


D.I.Y. embellishments

By now you’re probably saying to yourself this sounds complicated, right! But it’s not.  I’m a D.I.Y. type of person, so embellishing a throw pillow would be right up my alley.  Embellishing is not difficult at all and it’s fun.  In my opinion deciding what type of embellishment to add would be the most difficult 3718004758_d3b0f46dc1_mpart.   Seriously, once you’ve decided on the decorating style of your room, adding the throw pillows with the right embellishments would be a snap.  I bet you have a lot of little things around the house you could use, like that bag of buttons you’ve been saving for years (I know, I have some too)!  Take that plain store bought throw pillow and add an abstract design made from buttons, or add a nature design such as a tree made from buttons.  Have fun and let your imagination run while, be creative and add your personality to your room and your throw pillow.  Make it your own.  Go to

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Written by Terry Parson



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