Throw Pillow Design Ideas, you can create!

The Design idea


Throw pillow design ideas are not ideas that are set in stone.  There our ideas, and they are not something that we have to learn, because there already ours.  Matter of fact our ideas are what help us create the design on our pillows.  This post is not to teach you about the elements of design (boring), or even how to get design ideas.  In my opinion design ideas comes from one’s own experiences.


My experience

The reason I can say that experiences is the key to a great design on a throw pillow, is because my twofringepillowsfascination with throw pillow design ideas began with an experience I had.  This experience was in the form of a golden heart shaped throw pillow.   It was given to me as a gift when I was a young child.  The throw pillow was made from satin, but it was covered with a beautiful crochet pattern on the outside. I was fascinated with the throw pillow design because I wondered to myself, how in the world did that person get the pillow inside the crochet? (No clue) it didn’t dawn on me that she first made the satin throw pillow then, made the crochet design afterwards.   That fascination with that throw pillow stood with me all these years.  So you see our design ideas often come from sources of inspiration or prior experiences.


What’s your design idea?

The more we experience, the wider a range of information we have to leverage with.  We can use this to further build upon and enhance our ideas in order to arrive at unique and useful designs.  Our ideas can be personalized with art, photo and text, or maybe something uniquely different, that’s based on our own experiences. What’s your design idea? Interested in making a throw pillow design of your own? You can at

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Written by Terry Parson

11 thoughts on “Throw Pillow Design Ideas, you can create!

  1. Hey thanks for sharing this awesome idea 🙂
    I always wanted to have custom designs on my pillows. Now I know how I can accomplish this.
    Can’t wait to give it a go!

    Thanks again ,

    1. Thanks you Christina for viewing my site, I’m happy you liked it. let me know how your pillows turns out, I’d love to see them when you’re finish.

  2. Hi Terry,

    I have to admit, I never thought of actually doing them. But, yes, I like them, too. First they are practical. And then, they can be funny. I have one in the form of a smiling star (which is thrown on the floor, keeping the door not to close….) And one in heart shape. Red, of course. And my son loves it.
    Maybe I’ll think of making one together (me and my son). Just for fun. Who knows, maybe some art comes from there! 🙂


    1. Thanks Laura for your great comment. I love that your son already has a favorite throw pillow. Maybe that will be one of his keepsake memories!

  3. Hi
    Love your website!
    It is very informative, relevant pics & lovely design ideas & colour throughout your site.
    I look forward to seeing more.
    Cheers Faye

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