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Throw Pillow Art is a website dedicated to gathering information that will be helpful to individuals who are looking to personalize or customize their artwork on a pillow.  A customized art pillow is a great way to enjoy and share your child’s artwork or even your own.  Art pillows make thoughtful gifts for parents, grandparents or even for the little artist in your family.  Throw pillows has become an acceptable accessory that have always played a part in decorating your sofa or your bed, and now you can have a one-of-a-kind-pillow as a permanent way to incorporate your artistic talents.3colorfulpillows01

The goal of this website is not just to gather information, but also to be a support to you by helping to answer questions you may have regarding your art pillow project. To point you in the right direction so that you can develop your ideas with the right source needed to customize your pillow plus art.

I hope that you will find this website to be a great source of help as you decide to incorporate your pillow, and your art, into a masterpiece for your home.

6 thoughts on “Throw Pillow Art

  1. first off all very nice content and so far your website looks well organized… mostly keep your page organized and your site will be number one

  2. Terry, Unique Print Pillows is totally individual. Anyone who likes to think outside off the box can be unique with any idea they want to choose. Taking a pillow and turning it into a completely customized scene if awesome. Does your imagination ever stop? You have so many great ideas on how to decorate pillows.

    I agree with you; personalized pillows would be a terrific gift for any occasion. They will add volumes of character to the decorating of your home.

    Throw pillows are very popular in many different design styles. The idea of being able to create a pillow from your own design is beyond cool. I have enjoyed your site and the distinct designs you have created on Throw Pillow Art.


    1. Thanks for visiting my site Marilyn. I’m happy you enjoyed the content. I love throw pillows, it’s one of the easiest way to update a room without going broke, and have it look great. Especially if you put your own personal touch in the mix. Thanks so much for the comment, appreciate it. Hope to see you again.

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