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The color red



So, we’re nearing the end of October already and getting closer to the holiday season, and pretty soon we’ll be putting up the decorations.  A color that is symbolic of the Christmas holiday season is the color red.  So! I thought I would touch a little on the color red, by shedding a little light on how a red decorative throw pillow, can enhance your holiday decorating experience, and bring lots of fun into the space. Because, red is such a strong and vibrant color, it can effectively add personality to any space.  Injecting red in small doses, such as with a red decorative throw pillow can bring a pop of color to a room, while still keeping it warm and cozy. Red Pillows


Don’t be afraid!


The color red never goes unnoticed, the only problem is, red can quickly become overpowering.  So start small, but beware! The color red can be a bit of a show-off, and doesn’t need any help.  Begin with small accents, such as a red decorative throw pillow, using it as the focal point of the room. Try strategically placing the red decorative throw pillows in varying shades, throughout the room to give the eye something to follow.  When choosing the color scheme for a red decorative throw pillow, remember to consider, things like design style and personality.


The color red personality


The color red is a very emotionally intense color, so, look into using other shades of red when, choosing a red decorative throw pillow, such as, (some of the color shades have many words associated with it, I’m just naming a few) light red, which represents joy, sensitivity, and love. Or, pink, which represents romance, and friendship, and, reddish brown, which is associated with harvest and fall. These alternate red color hues can be use in place of a more dominating color such as dark red, which is associated with such words as energy, power, anger, war and wrath.  But, don’t give up on the color red so quickly, because just as the color red is a ball of fire and blood in the western hemisphere, the color red is associated with prosperity, luck, long life, and happiness, in the eastern hemisphere.  So! You see, all is not lost.  Now you know how the color red can enhance your decorating experience.  So! Go ahead, and decorate your space with a red decorative throw pillow its fun, exciting, and it’s you.  Enjoy your holidays!

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