Pumpkin Harvest Decorative Throw Pillows

Seasonal Colors



There’s a time in the year where you can totally infuse color into your décor, and its call Autumn/Fall.  This season is the perfect time to introduce a pillow into your décor, in the form of a pumpkin harvest decorative throw pillow.  You’re probably thinking! Why? Well, just think of all the colors that are representative of autumn/fall.  There are the yellows, the reds, the oranges, the browns, the blacks, the rust, and the greens, just to name a few.  The colors are reflected in the changing leaves, the pumpkins and squash, the harvesting of crops on the farm, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course this all leads to the grand finally of Holidays, Christmas.


The Harvest



Autumn/Fall is such a wonderful time of the year, because it brings to light the good in us, as we celebrate so many seasonal activities and holidays. Decorating your home with a pumpkin harvest decorative throw pillow is a good way to start the season off.  Whether it’s Halloween you’re celebrating, or welcoming family and friends for a Thanksgiving Day celebration. The message of the season will already be infused into your room décor, making your home an inviting and cozy place to be.  The harvesting of outdoor colors, and bringing those colors indoors, adding this transfusion of colors onto a pumpkin harvest decorative throw pillow, is awesome!


When Autumn/Fall comes around



The season starts with an array of colors that is presented to us with the changing of the guards, sort of speak!  It begins with the falling of the leaves, a chill in the air, the autumn/fall smells and tastes, a cozy room filled with comfort, and a pumpkin harvest decorative throw pillow to cuddle up with by the fire-place.  These are some of the things that comes to mind when I think of Autumn/fall.  How about you? What are some of the things that comes to mind when you think of Autumn/Fall?



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Written by Terry Parson





8 thoughts on “Pumpkin Harvest Decorative Throw Pillows

  1. I like your article, I had no idea there was so much info about pillows. I love all the colorful designs. My favorite one is the give thanks pumpkin pillow. Are you going to write an article about Christmas pillows? Are you going to write about any types of pillows or just throw pillows.

    1. Hi! Merceadez, Thanks for visiting my website. There’s much about decorative throw pillows all over, online and in traditional stores. Next time you visit my site, look for the Holiday post, I wrote one about Christmas pillows last week. Fortunately, I am only focusing on Decorative throw pillows for this niche. But, maybe I will consider starting a niche on all kinds of pillows.:)

  2. I have enjoyed the content of your article. It is a really great idea to get some colors in our home. My sofa is gray and I believe that it would look much better with such a wonderful pillows in autumn colors. And this pillow on the first image with leaves is so beautiful. Are this pillows washable in the washing machine?

    1. Hi Tamara, Thanks for visiting my website. I’m happy you enjoyed the content of the post, and it did what I set out for it to do, and that’s helping visitors like you who visits my site. I like that Autumn pillow too, isn’t it great. That pillow is from Zazzle.com, it’s an affiliate company, if you return to my site and click on the pillow, it will take you to zazzle.com for more information on the pillow. Thanks again for visiting, hope you decide to get that wonderful pillow, it will look great on that gray sofa.

  3. What a cute idea! I have a relative who always changes her throw pillows for the seasons and I always wondered where she got some of her holiday/season pillows. I need to start doing this. You have some really nice choices on your page and I really like the descriptions you wrote. Great review. 🙂

    1. Thanks Shannon for visiting my website. Changing your throw pillows seasonally is a great way to freshing up your decor, without to much expense. I’m happy to hear that you’re thinking of purchasing some throw pillows also. There are so many wonderful options, both in the traditional stores and online. Try dazzle.com they have a large selection to match any style. Enjoy.

  4. Very nice friendly article you shared today, the decorative pillows are very attractive and would be great for the fall season decorating in any home.

    You must have shopped some time to find such cool pumpkin harvest pillows, I have never seen any pillows like these ones very unique.

    How are these pillows for being durable, will they last with children and pets?

    1. Thanks for visiting my website, I welcome and appreciate your comments, and I’m happy you like the article and design information presented. There are so many textiles available for throw pillows in today’s market, I am sure you would be able to have them made with whatever type of material you desire.

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