Pop Art Throw Pillows

What inspired pop art?


Often times when I’m shopping for throw pillows, I run across pillow that reminds me of my days in elementary school.  Those familiar pillows are known as Pop art throw pillows.  These throw pillows are incorporated with images from paintings that were very popular between the late 1950s and the late 1960s.  The ideas for the modern day movement, was inspired by common things that we all indentify with, in our everyday lives.  These paintings incorporated the commercial and consumer aspect of everyday life. Today those images are as vivid as they were years ago, and can be found on such things as pop art throw pillows.

Essentially the paintings incorporated the imagery, styles, and themes of advertising, mass media and popular culture.  Some of the imagery that was used in thesecomic_book_wham_bang_throw_pillow painting’s, were everyday things such as soup cans and soap boxes.  Mass media played a significant part in the art by including celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe.  Different styles of fashion and shoes also played a significant part in the artist rendition of popular culture.  Some folk art, such as flags were also used, which mixes in some vintage elements while still adding a contemporary feel.  Some of the artist even used comic book characters, and elements from the funny papers.  I can see why these paintings were incorporated into the world of décor as pop art throw pillows.  These images, styles, and mass media aspects are great elements for adding art to a throw pillow. I found this pillow at Zazzle.com, as you can see it says it call. It’s a great example of pop art throw pillows.


Adding pop art to your decor

Pillows are a big part of what pulls a room together. Incorporating pop art throw pillows into your décor will make your room pop with vibrant colors and familiar imagery. Throw pillows are normally used to create a layered look of color and texture, both of which can be found in a pop art throw pillow. In my research I found that amazon.com carries a variety of pop art throw pillows. Try a couple and bring back those memories of yesteryear on a throw pillow.


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Written by Terry Parson

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