Folk Art Throw Pillows

The culture of folk art

When I think of folk art, I think of home, and going to the art festival, where there were all kinds of folks with products that represented their culture. Whether, it’s the North American culture, or any other culture in the seven continents, that help make up who you are. Often times you can find products like a quilted folk art throw pillow, a landscape of someone’s barn on the farm, farm animals such as roosters, or even an American flag with baseballs or apple pie.  All these products are part of someone’s culture that has been painted, sewn, embroidered, sculpted and even made from wood by untrained often anonymous artists.  These products were created by artist whose sole intentions is to keep their culture alive and in the minds of the community.


The future of folk art

Most folk art normally has decorative designs, bright bold colors, a flattened perspective, and strong forms in simple arrangements according to dictionary  Folk art throw pillows and other products created by folk art artist are becoming a lost art form.  Because in today’s society, and in our advance technology age, creativity is more on a computer screen than on the natural ways of creating art.  Recently while on the internet I found some folk art throw pillows.  I was surprise to find folk art products available in online or traditional stores.


Finding folk art memories

Every culture has its own style of folk art, but all folk art tells a story of the culture and its people.  So, when decorating your room with a folk art throw pillow, check into your heritage, culture and family.  I can bet your great grandparents, or your grandparent’s has a piece of folk art item stored away as a keepsake.  That piece of folk art reminds them of where they started, or where they’ve been.  If you’d like to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art that represent your culture, start with your older family members.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the content of this post, and will try a folk art throw pillow in your home décor.  If you do, leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you about your experience.

See you soon!


Written by Terry Parson


2 thoughts on “Folk Art Throw Pillows

  1. This post reminded me that my grandmother had some folk art paintings of the farm she grew up on. It was really interesting because it was like seeing a little slice of history. I was wondering though, are street fairs good places to find folk art? I’ve never been to one, so I’m not sure.

    1. Hi! Kara, Thanks for visiting my website. Isn’t it great when somethings reminds you of a great memory, like your grandmother. I love it! To answer your question about street fairs. I always go to my local street fair here in Florida, and they always have folk art items, such as throw pillows, art, and crafts, embroidery, etc. it’s a great place to be to see all kinds of local folk art.

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