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Floral Patterns



When it comes to the types of decorative patterns available the list is endless, but one of the most basic pattern of fabric design is the floral print.  Flowers can be small, bold, traditional or contemporary graphic print that are, somewhat repetitive or varied, but can also be combined with other patterns.  Decorating with Floral Print Throw Pillows is a great way to add color, texture, pattern, and a unique style to your home.  Using floral patterns in your décor requires a unique person with an equally unique attitude.  Because, unless you’re an avid admirer of the Victorian, or French decorative styles, floral fabrics, furnishings and décor, can quickly become stagnant and over-powering.


The Key



So! The key to making it work is to place those specific items with the same color and pattern, such as a pillow, or chair, in strategic areas.  For example a room with floral curtains, can use the same colors in a floral print throw pillow. As long as the same color palette exists, in both the curtains and the pillow.  The eye then goes around the room instead of focusing on the one element.  Placing the pillow, and chair in strategic areas cohesively brings the look of the room together.


Be unique



Flowers are often combined with other patterns, such as a geometric element, for a more contemporary feel.  Or, a fleur-de-lis for a more classic French feel.  A bright floral print throw pillow can work well with either pattern at its side, whether combined as a floral pattern on a pillow, or a pattern on the wall, it works as long as these elements are in the same color family.  So! If you’re a person who likes flowers but was afraid to bring that love in-doors, in your pillows, or furnishings, don’t be afraid to step out on a limb with your décor choices, you’re a unique person, and your home should reflect that.

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