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This website is not about how to make a decorative throw pillow, but, it is about visualizing the creative aspect of using decorative throw pillows to personalize your space.  So, as-much-as it’s not the norm for my post, I thought it would be of interest to give some facts about decorative throw pillow fabrics.  I am simply offering some helpful hints, and suggestions on the many different textiles that can be used to make a decorative throw pillow.    Most decorative throw pillows are made from woven fabrics, such as cotton, silk, velvet and linen.  But I’ve seen decorative throw pillows made from such textiles as leather, cowhide, microfiber, hemp, faux fur and faux suede.  You can virtually make a throw pillow from most any textile that is on the market, it all depends on what you are looking for, and the desired quality of the product.


What are your options?


Decorative throw pillow fabrics most often come in an array of solid colors, prints and patterns.  When deciding to purchase a throw pillow online, research your options well, as sometimes you’re not able to choose the type of fabrics you’d like. Oftentimes these throw pillows are pre-made and the fabric already chosen.  However, when choosing to customize a throw pillow, you would have the deciding factor of fabric type, print and patterns.  If customizing a throw pillow is the direction in which you’re heading, search the Internet for “custom decorative pillows”, or find your local area home décor shops, dry cleaners or fabric stores for sewers.  Perhaps, it’s a D.I.Y. throw pillow! If you’re choosing to go in this direction, remember, first start with finding your selection of tefauxfurpillowxtiles at a local upholstery fabric store, or a home décor fabric store.  Depending on your sewing skills, choosing the type of textiles is important because the texture of upholstery fabrics, verses the texture of home décor fabrics varies, and can sometimes prove to be difficult to sew.  Just saying! You might want to check with your individual stores for further details. Good luck, and have fun with it.


I Hope you’ve enjoyed the content of this post.  If you are interested in purchasing, or customizing a decorative throw pillow, I have redleatherpillowincluded links on my product page of online affiliate stores that offers customization, or regular orders of decorative throw pillows.

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6 thoughts on “Decorative Throw Pillow Fabrics

  1. Hi Terry,
    The truth is that I had no idea how many different forms and contents may have a pillow. Thanks for the good information put a magnificent way. Do you have any suggestions or advice that helps to achieve the dream stage for seniors?. Possibly in your search for information about the pillows, one day you crossed with data related to the different functions of this element that helps us relax.

    1. Hi! Regan, Thank you so much for visiting my site. I am happy that you’ve enjoyed the content. Actually Regan I’ve run across a couple of pillows that are for relaxing. One is called a lumbar throw pillow, and the other is a body pillow. You can find them in most online or traditional stores, such as Thanks again for visiting, and good luck to you on finding that relaxing pillow.

  2. Wow! Considering my husband and I are looking to move out of my parent’s home soon, we have been recently looking at design concepts. I love throw pillow because it makes it so easy to change the look of a room. For example, if you do your living room in neutrals, you can easily change the look of it with different accessories like throw pillows and blankets. I honestly didn’t realize you could order custom throw pillows! So thank you so much for your insight!

    1. You are welcome Mia, and thanks for visiting my website. I appreciate your comments, and you are right, if your room is in neutrals the best way to spruce it up are with throws and throw pillows. The best thing is, you can change your room seasonally.

  3. Hi Terry! Your niche site is great and I really like this post on throw pillow fabrics. Many people don’t realize that they can change the textiles of their store bought pillows as frequently as they like. It all depends on their interior design scheme and the mood/look they’re going for. Even though textile shopping can be overwhelming in choice, it’s great to have a picture of your room (where the pillows will go) when shopping for fabric, that way it’s easier to narrow down selections and make the right choice!

    1. Your are so right LDStudio, most people don’t think about the textile. Often times a throw pillow is purchase and once a person gets bored with it, it is usually discarded, when a simple remedy could be to change the textile for a refreshing new look. Thanks for your comments, and for visiting my site.

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