Decorative Holiday Throw Pillows

Checking your list

Can you believe it! In another three months the Holiday season will be upon us again.  So, we’ve better get started planning and making our lists of things to do, and things to buy.  But, don’t forget to add a decorative holiday throw pillow to your list for the Christmas season.  Because, before you know it, the holidays will be knocking at the door, and we won’t have any time left to catch up.  So, make your list, check it twice, and remember! add who will receive your specially made personalized decorative holiday throw pillow (This throw pillow cover is from, hover over the pillow).


Make a decision

A decorative holiday throw pillow is a great gift to surprise someone with during the Christmas season.  Because, throw pillows are versatile and can be personalized to suite your style.  For instant, a photography throw pillow with season’s greeting on it, makes a great gift for a family member, a friend, or a co-worker.  Or, adding your company logo to a throw pillow with your holiday message, to be sent out to your most loyal customers.  There are so many beautiful decorative holiday throw pillows on the market for this Christmas season, they can be personalized, or just purchase off the rack.  But, whatever you do, make your decision in a timely manner because ordering becomes tuff during the holidays.


Getting Startedsantaamazon

Decorative holiday throw pillows can be customized in your choice of colors, style, size, and textures.  Decide on your theme and color palate for the season, and get started looking around.  But, if you’re planning to add a photo, or text, to your throw pillow, remember to give yourself the time you need since they will require downloading information.   Be creative, be personable, make this season your season with a great decorative holiday throw pillow that everyone will always remember you by.


I’ve included in this post some online companies(such as that carry decorative holiday throw pillows.  There are many colors and styles, and they also offer customization.  Click on the pillows in the post content and it will take you to that online store.

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Written by Terry Parson

4 thoughts on “Decorative Holiday Throw Pillows

  1. Hi, Terry.
    I think your site is wonderful and so clean and easy to read. Beautiful pillows.
    Yes the holidays are soon coming, but I think we have
    to take Halloween first.
    You have built your site so nicely maybe some more
    pillows would be nice, otherwise just go on with your good work.

    1. Thanks Elma for visiting my site. I’m happy you liked it, I will try to add more pillows where possible as you suggested. I appreciate your comment and suggestions. You think anyone would be interested in pillows for Halloween?

  2. Oh my goodness these are so cute.
    When I have my own place in the next year, I’m going to decorate for every season/holiday.
    This Santa pillow is adorable. I love how his hat comes off the pillow and how it’s textured. I’d like little reindeer throw pillows too. 🙂

    1. Thanks for visiting my site Gina. Decorating with seasonal throw pillows is a great war to update your decor without spending too much money. Good luck to you .

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