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Choosing custom covers cushions

Once you have decided on the size, color and design of your throw pillow it is normally sewn completely closed, especially when working with a delicate fabric.  But when you need a quick and easy way to change up your room, the best way to go is with a custom throw pillow cover.  Just like the normal throw pillow, you have many choices in the type of design when choosing a custom throw pillow cover.  The difference is, a custom throw pillow cover can be removed, which makes it easy for occasional re-decorating changes during the year. Custom throw pillow covers come in many styles, shapes, colors and textures, both for indoor and outdoor use.


How it works?


The way to get started is to purchase a plain throw pillow.  Usually the throw pillows are made from two pieces of fabric sewn together and filled with inserts of either feather and down, or synthetic blends.  Then you would order a personally designed custom throw pillow cover, which can be decorated or embellished to suit your style.  The pillow is then inserted into the cover through a simple closure.  Standard zippers, invisible zippers (usually sewn at the bottom of the pillow) or an opening between two over-lapping pieces of fabric, are often installed in the custom throw pillow cover for easy insertion and removal.



Good quality throw pillows are normally costly, but the custom throw pillow covers are usually half the price.  The cost for covers goes down substantially because you’re only purchasing the cover, since you already have the throw pillow insert.  There are many internet stores that carry custom throw pillow covers, one of which is  If you’re interested in purchasing or just looking at custom throw pillow covers, browse you’ll find a large variety of covers.


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