Contemporary design throw pillows

The Style

Contemporary design is commonly rooted in what is popular and trending today.  It includes a range ofstock-photo-57921540-pillows styles that were developed in the last half of the twentieth century.  The style focuses on mostly tone-on-tone color palettes, and shots of color in strategic areas, such as a wall, rug, or art.  To pull the room together, add a contemporary design throw pillow that brings out those shots of color.  Now! that tone-on-tone sofa doesn’t look so plain and your room becomes an eye catching harmonious flow of color.



The Fabrics

Fabrics such as wool, silk, cotton and linen are natural fabrics that are commonly used when adding colourful-silk-cushionstextural elements to a contemporary décor.  These textural elements can be added in the form of throw pillows which are put on a sofa or a chair.  While Contemporary design throw pillows usually have bold colors or geometric patterns, some also have that tone-on-tone color mix of creams, brown, taupe and whites.  That color palette is some of the features that bring a contemporary style room together.    So, as you can see, adding a throw pillow is that final element that makes your color scheme complete.

Have some fun! Go ahead and show your creativity in a contemporary throw pillow for your home.

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Written by Terry Parson
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