Throw Pillow Arrangement

Easily done

The one thing I love about working with throw pillows in a room is creating a throw pillow arrangement.  It is one of my favorite things to do when redecorating a room.  If you stand away from the area and take
a good look at the arrangement, you’re amazed at how those throw pillows have brightened up that space.  It’s like little pop of colors in strategic areas, almost like wearing a piece of jewelry. Creating a throw pillow arrangement on your couch, chair or bed, is the easiest way to add pops of color, and texture to a room from season to season.  Don’t worry, it sounds harder than it is.  Buy some seasonal pillow covers or customize covers and inserts (I usually make my own), store the covers and use the inserts over and over again. Then, when the time comes, exchange the covers depending on the season or occasion, easy right!  Arranging throw pillows is so much fun for me, and it’s a great way to make a personal statement in a room.


The basic   

In the world of decorating and design, there is a basic formula for adding a throw pillow arrangement to a couch.  It’s an atypical combination ratio of 2-2-1.  This combination can include all different shapes, a narrative, contrasting colors, pairings, and the element of texture.  Odd numbers is said to be pleasing to the eyes, but I’ve added even number of pillow before, it all depends ogreysofawithpillowsn the outcome you’re looking for.  An even amount of pillows on the couch is more of a classic arrangement because it would normally include a throw.  It’s a throw pillow arrangement I personally like. The thing is! it’s all about being yourself, after-all it’s your room.  Yeah, it’s good to have a guide to follow, such as the 2-2-1 formulas, but in the end who has to live in that room. So, I say be creative and personalize your room in a way that is pleasing to your eyes.  And if one throw pillow is all you want on that couch, hey I’m with you.

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Throw Pillow Insert Review

What is a pillow insert? 

I though a good topic for review would be what goes inside a throw pillow.  This was inspired by a comment I received from a visitor to my site, asking how comfortable are throw pillows? So, I’m thinking to myself, this is a good question let me research it and compare the difference in insert.  First, let me explain what a throw pillow insert is.  A throw pillow insert is a pre-filled pillow form in a plain white case.  When purchased, these pillow forms are ready for you to stuff into a decorative throw pillow cover.  They come in many different shapes and sizes.


What are pillow insert made from?

The comfort of the throw pillow depends on the type of insert chosen.  Years ago pillows were stuff primarily with down feathers, chicken feathers, or if you were really poor straw. Today throw pillow inserts may be filled with down, feathers, polyester, a combination of feather and down, or made from foam.   Often feather and down are blended together to give the insert the feel of soft bed pillows. The premise is that down is often warmer and more comfortable than polyester or foam, but in my experience I have found that polyester or foam filled insert tends to be warmer.


Feather, down, or Synthetic (pros & cons)

There are price differences between a feather/down-filled pillow insert and a foam or polyester-filled type insert.  The most expensive insert is filled with down, feather filled insert are moderately priced, and the combination of feather and down may vary in price depending on how much down is in the insert.  The least expensive filled insert are the ones made with polyester or foam.   The disadvantage of down is that some people are allergic to it, it is heavier than the synthetics, and may not be washable. The advantage of polyester-filled and foam pillow inserts, are that they are lighter in weight and are easy to find, are washable, causes fewer allergic reactions, and are more durable. carries a variety of pillow inserts ranging from $3.99-$23.99 in price.


The future

Currently, there are other types of fillings for throw pillow inserts which include eco-friendly materials.  Recycled plastic soda bottles are an example of filling materials that are being used for some pillow inserts.  These are future endeavors that’s includes the protection of the environment.

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Custom Throw Pillow Covers

Choosing custom covers cushions

Once you have decided on the size, color and design of your throw pillow it is normally sewn completely closed, especially when working with a delicate fabric.  But when you need a quick and easy way to change up your room, the best way to go is with a custom throw pillow cover.  Just like the normal throw pillow, you have many choices in the type of design when choosing a custom throw pillow cover.  The difference is, a custom throw pillow cover can be removed, which makes it easy for occasional re-decorating changes during the year. Custom throw pillow covers come in many styles, shapes, colors and textures, both for indoor and outdoor use.


How it works?


The way to get started is to purchase a plain throw pillow.  Usually the throw pillows are made from two pieces of fabric sewn together and filled with inserts of either feather and down, or synthetic blends.  Then you would order a personally designed custom throw pillow cover, which can be decorated or embellished to suit your style.  The pillow is then inserted into the cover through a simple closure.  Standard zippers, invisible zippers (usually sewn at the bottom of the pillow) or an opening between two over-lapping pieces of fabric, are often installed in the custom throw pillow cover for easy insertion and removal.



Good quality throw pillows are normally costly, but the custom throw pillow covers are usually half the price.  The cost for covers goes down substantially because you’re only purchasing the cover, since you already have the throw pillow insert.  There are many internet stores that carry custom throw pillow covers, one of which is  If you’re interested in purchasing or just looking at custom throw pillow covers, browse you’ll find a large variety of covers.


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Vintage Throw Pillow Design

Are you a vintage type person?


Do you like vintage designs? If you do, I bet you’ll like vintage throw pillow designs.   I do, they bring back a lot of memories for me.  While surfing the web one day, I found some vintage throw pillows on that were just amazing.  They were made from the same type of textiles I used when I was a young girl.  Burlap, linen, cotton, and canvas, I loved them!  The designs I saw on the vintage throw pillows are the same type of designs that were used back in the day, only updated.


Vintage design elements

The vintage throw pillow designs I saw were usually some type of flowers, bird in a cage, nautical theme, maps, landscapes, bicycles, flags, or folk art.  They all had that vintage look from years gone by.  Even the colors seemed as if the paint quality or dye was very old.  Growing up I could remember going to the grocery store and seeing burlap or canvas bags (we called them sacks) with a company logo, or some sort of representation of the brand on the front of the bag.  They were often filled with dried goods such as rice, and dried beans.  Some folks would take the burlap and canvas bags and turn them into throw pillows, grocery bags, and even Bermuda bags.  Some of the designs were even embroidered.


Rekindled memories

If you’re ever interested in rekindling those memories from years ago, even if it’s just one, try a vintage throw pillow.  They come in several sizes, and in those great textured textiles that we all remembered.  Visit they carry a variety of vintage throw pillows.

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Contemporary design throw pillows

The Style

Contemporary design is commonly rooted in what is popular and trending today.  It includes a range ofstock-photo-57921540-pillows styles that were developed in the last half of the twentieth century.  The style focuses on mostly tone-on-tone color palettes, and shots of color in strategic areas, such as a wall, rug, or art.  To pull the room together, add a contemporary design throw pillow that brings out those shots of color.  Now! that tone-on-tone sofa doesn’t look so plain and your room becomes an eye catching harmonious flow of color.



The Fabrics

Fabrics such as wool, silk, cotton and linen are natural fabrics that are commonly used when adding colourful-silk-cushionstextural elements to a contemporary décor.  These textural elements can be added in the form of throw pillows which are put on a sofa or a chair.  While Contemporary design throw pillows usually have bold colors or geometric patterns, some also have that tone-on-tone color mix of creams, brown, taupe and whites.  That color palette is some of the features that bring a contemporary style room together.    So, as you can see, adding a throw pillow is that final element that makes your color scheme complete.

Have some fun! Go ahead and show your creativity in a contemporary throw pillow for your home.

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Throw Pillow Embellishments, a Punch of Glam

Punch up the Glam

Throw pillow embellishments are one way of decorating a throw pillow with a punch of glam.  exotic_fabrics_embellished_poppies_pillow-rf6e15641bdbb4222b895fe7e5f864096_2izwx_8byvr_324Depending on the decorative style of your room, you can add different types of embellishments to coordinate with your décor.  Embellishments are a fun element to add to a throw pillow, they can be fancy, sparkly, or a simple abstract design.  The goal is to add a touch of flair to the throw pillow.  Whatever your style is, it can be achieved by adding some embellishments onto your throw pillow.  As you can see this throw pillow from frames the floral design with the embellishment.  Awesome, right!


Types of embellishments

There are many types of throw pillow embellishments.  Adding colorful ribbons, beads, embroidery, redpillowwithfringeSequins, spray paint, appliqué, buttons, fringe, tassels, lace, sparkles, scarves, rickrack, belts and buckles, and stenciling are some of the items that can be added onto your throw pillow as embellishments.  Taking a plain store bought throw pillow and adding a beaded fringe, or add layer and texture by wrapping a couple of scarves around the center of the throw pillow creating a unique look.  Whether it’s an iron on transfer, a fabric overlay, or a simple message, the way to add a little bit of glam to your room is with an embellished throw pillow.


D.I.Y. embellishments

By now you’re probably saying to yourself this sounds complicated, right! But it’s not.  I’m a D.I.Y. type of person, so embellishing a throw pillow would be right up my alley.  Embellishing is not difficult at all and it’s fun.  In my opinion deciding what type of embellishment to add would be the most difficult 3718004758_d3b0f46dc1_mpart.   Seriously, once you’ve decided on the decorating style of your room, adding the throw pillows with the right embellishments would be a snap.  I bet you have a lot of little things around the house you could use, like that bag of buttons you’ve been saving for years (I know, I have some too)!  Take that plain store bought throw pillow and add an abstract design made from buttons, or add a nature design such as a tree made from buttons.  Have fun and let your imagination run while, be creative and add your personality to your room and your throw pillow.  Make it your own.  Go to

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Throw Pillow Design Ideas, you can create!

The Design idea


Throw pillow design ideas are not ideas that are set in stone.  There our ideas, and they are not something that we have to learn, because there already ours.  Matter of fact our ideas are what help us create the design on our pillows.  This post is not to teach you about the elements of design (boring), or even how to get design ideas.  In my opinion design ideas comes from one’s own experiences.


My experience

The reason I can say that experiences is the key to a great design on a throw pillow, is because my twofringepillowsfascination with throw pillow design ideas began with an experience I had.  This experience was in the form of a golden heart shaped throw pillow.   It was given to me as a gift when I was a young child.  The throw pillow was made from satin, but it was covered with a beautiful crochet pattern on the outside. I was fascinated with the throw pillow design because I wondered to myself, how in the world did that person get the pillow inside the crochet? (No clue) it didn’t dawn on me that she first made the satin throw pillow then, made the crochet design afterwards.   That fascination with that throw pillow stood with me all these years.  So you see our design ideas often come from sources of inspiration or prior experiences.


What’s your design idea?

The more we experience, the wider a range of information we have to leverage with.  We can use this to further build upon and enhance our ideas in order to arrive at unique and useful designs.  Our ideas can be personalized with art, photo and text, or maybe something uniquely different, that’s based on our own experiences. What’s your design idea? Interested in making a throw pillow design of your own? You can at

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The functionality of the throw pillow

No comfort, no support!

When I was growing up throw pillows were said to be very uncomfortable, and they offered no support.  But during that time, throw pillows were mainly for decorative purposes and were not designed for no comfortcomfort.  So I can see why they weren’t used as often.  Also, they could have been uncomfortable because of the type of materials used at the time.  When you think about it, there could have been many factors adding to the lack of functionality of the throw pillow.


Can you relate?

Although throw pillows were not made for support or comfort, today, I find that they are very functional in that sense.  And I can attest to that!  You see, I’m a petite size person, and when I sit on a sofa or chair often times I need a throw pillow to prop behind me.   Some sofa’s or chairs are very deep or long, andladywatchingtvonsofa often to sit comfortably on them, I would have to use a throw pillow to support my back.  I’m sure some of you can relate.  Many people use the throw pillows to support their neck, legs, arms, head, and upper and lower backs, while lounging around or watching television on the sofa or floor.


Function, finally!

So you see the throw pillow has come a long way from being that uncomfortable pillow we all grew to dislike.  Now the throw pillow has become a very functional, comfortable, and supportive decorative cumfy-items-of-luxury-1509150item in our rooms.  The materials used to make throw pillows today, are softer and more pliable than ever before, making the throw pillow very useful in our everyday lives.  Throw pillows, have not only become functional, but add comfort as well as a decorative interest to our sofa, chairs and beds.


The next level!

Now the throw pillow has another functional aspect to it.  We can preserve our memories on them by adding our own images onto the throw pillow.  Art, photos and logos are some of the images that can be incorporated onto the throw pillows as a decorative medium.  As technology advances, our ability to create our own customize or personalize throw pillows, becomes more of a reality than ever before.  So personalizecustompillowzazzlepull those art projects out, you know! The ones you’ve been saving.  Add them onto your throw pillows to make that one-of-a-kind personalize look.  If you’re interested in personalizing a throw pillow, try, they carry a variety of pillows and you can even make your own.

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The Aesthetics of the throw pillow

According to Webster’s dictionary the meaning of aesthetic is as follows: (noun) a philosophical theory as to what is beautiful.  Simply put, is it appealing in your eyes?


Is it pleasing to the eyes?

That being said, In my opinion a throw pillow on a sofa, chair or bed makes the room, because the purpose of the throw pillow is to bring all the colors in the room together.  This becomes aestheticallyplain sofa no throw pillow pleasing to the eyes, so instead of them wondering around the room, your eyes automatically focus on the sofa or chair.  Take for instant your living room area, you’ve just added a sofa and a chair in your space right, let’s say the sofa is a plain grey color.  Your walls are painted a lighter shade of grey.  Your curtains are white and black with a touch of red.  Some of your accessories coordinate with your curtains.  You see where I’m going with this?  We need those throw pillows as accents to pull this whole thing together.  Use throw pillows as one of your accessories?

I’ve found that a couple throw pillows is one of the easiest and quickest accessory to throw on your sofa, sofa decorated with throw pillowschair or bed.  Throw pillows brighten up the space with color, texture, and pattern making that plain sofa and chair stand out in your room.


Too many throw pillows!

I can see where having too many throw pillows on your sofa, chair or bed can seem a bit cumbersome.  But here’s the deal, don’t use too many throw pillows. Throw pillows should enhance the colors in your room. So as long as you use the proper size throw pillows, the right color combinations, and don’t overdue texture and patterns throw pillows will add life to your furniture.  Don’t worry, I’m not an expert at this, I just like doing it.  and I bet if we work together we can make your room look awesome!


Now we Know?

So now we know that throw pillows can add decorative interest to your room, provide depth, while purleinstagramkeeping your sofa and chairs from looking flat.  The next thing to do would be to personalize your throw pillows so that we have a more customize look. That’s where throw pillow art comes in! at you can customize or personalize all your throw pillows.

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Why throw pillows?



So, you’re probably wondering why a person would blog about throw pillows, or even pillows in general?  I mean how much can you say about throw pillows right. Well, believe it or not my interest in throw roundpillowpillows grew from childhood.  We called them cushions when I was growing up.  They were simple, mostly solid colors, but occasionally you would find them either with embroidery or with a crochet cover.  Decorators called them decorative pillows and they usually had tassels, fringe or ruffles around them.  Most throw pillows are square, but there are other shapes used, such as rectangular, circular or cylindrical that’s just as popular.



Don’t say anything but during early civilization, pillows were only used by the wealthy. They symbolized some kind of status. So the more pillows you owned the more wealth you had.  How did anyone know how many pillows a person had?  Was there some kind of social announcement telling how many pillows1208980-embroidered-cushions a person had in their bedroom?  hmmmmm! Inquiring minds wants to know. Who would have thought that pillows could symbolize status!

Pillows, the ones that we use nightly were a comfort only the rich enjoyed, because they were used to help keep bugs and insects away from their face while they slept. Pillows were also used to help reoccurring neck, back and shoulder pain.  Today pillows are still used in most part of the world to support the head or other parts of the body while you sleep.  Yeah! I went there I gave you a little history of the pillow, those same oblong looking things we use every night to sleep on.  So, getting back to throw pillows.



What we called cushions are better known as Throw pillows, or toss pillows.  We know the throw pillow as a small decorative type pillow that is usually placed on sofas or armchairs but are also used on beds, day beds and floors. Some throw pillows come with a removable cover, a feather down or foambolsterthrowpillow pillow stuffed inside, and they come in various size and shapes.  Did you know that throw pillows serve a dual purpose? one is aesthetic and the other is functional.  Aesthetically, throw pillows or decorative pillows are commonly used as accents when decorating a room often drawing on the surrounding colors in the room (you didn’t know I was a decorator?).  Functionally, throw pillows may provide back, neck and head support, although many throw pillows are said to be very uncomfortable. Throw pillows are made from a wide range of textiles which includes cotton, linen, leather, or suede, just to name a few (oops common knowledge).

In recent years, throw pillows have been renewed as an artistic medium.  All types of art are being added to throw pillows via the computer and other mediums.  The recent growth of throw pillows plus art is blueflowerartpillowdue to fashion designers.  They have increasingly become attracted to the home textiles and furnishings market and this has led to a wide range of styles.  Some of which includes logos, photos and art which are placed on pillows to give it a more personalized or custom look.

So you see, throw pillow art, not so boring! 



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