Decorative Holiday Throw Pillows

Checking your list

Can you believe it! In another three months the Holiday season will be upon us again.  So, we’ve better get started planning and making our lists of things to do, and things to buy.  But, don’t forget to add a decorative holiday throw pillow to your list for the Christmas season.  Because, before you know it, the holidays will be knocking at the door, and we won’t have any time left to catch up.  So, make your list, check it twice, and remember! add who will receive your specially made personalized decorative holiday throw pillow (This throw pillow cover is from, hover over the pillow).


Make a decision

A decorative holiday throw pillow is a great gift to surprise someone with during the Christmas season.  Because, throw pillows are versatile and can be personalized to suite your style.  For instant, a photography throw pillow with season’s greeting on it, makes a great gift for a family member, a friend, or a co-worker.  Or, adding your company logo to a throw pillow with your holiday message, to be sent out to your most loyal customers.  There are so many beautiful decorative holiday throw pillows on the market for this Christmas season, they can be personalized, or just purchase off the rack.  But, whatever you do, make your decision in a timely manner because ordering becomes tuff during the holidays.


Getting Startedsantaamazon

Decorative holiday throw pillows can be customized in your choice of colors, style, size, and textures.  Decide on your theme and color palate for the season, and get started looking around.  But, if you’re planning to add a photo, or text, to your throw pillow, remember to give yourself the time you need since they will require downloading information.   Be creative, be personable, make this season your season with a great decorative holiday throw pillow that everyone will always remember you by.


I’ve included in this post some online companies(such as that carry decorative holiday throw pillows.  There are many colors and styles, and they also offer customization.  Click on the pillows in the post content and it will take you to that online store.

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Personalized Photography Throw Pillows

Memories lost


Preserving a photo on a personalized photography throw pillow is priceless to say the least.  Have you ever had an old photo that you’ve been keeping, because it meant so much to you, but it faded away? I did, and now I’ve lost the image that went with the memory I held so dear.  I still have the photograph, but it’s faded.  Sometimes we do things like that, just to find out later in life that we could have done something but didn’t.  Today, that memory can be preserve on a personalized photography throw pillow.


Creating personality


Creating a personalized photography throw pillow is easily done by adding a personal photo to a pillow.  These pillows can be created in many different colors, textures and sizes.  Once you’ve created a pillow it is perfect for sharing with other family members, or friends, especially to memorialize special events, such as a wedding, anniversary, or the birth of a child.  A personalized photography throw pillow is just unusual enough to be remembered, yet practical enough to be appreciated.  But, watch out! because decorating with a personalized photography throw pillow not only add that special touch to your home, but will also uniquely personalize any sofa, chair or bed in your home.


How can I?

So, you’re probably wondering how to do this?  Well, there are many stores that you can customize your pillow at.  Believe it or not, besides going online to place like Zazzle or Amazon, you can log onto places like Wal-mart, Walgreens, and Staples to customize a personalize photography throw pillow.  Amazing! Right, that’s what I’m thinking.  We could get started with our Christmas gift ideas, and we don’t have to go far.    If you’re interested in logging onto to an online store click here, or just go to your local store, you know!

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Nautical Print Pillows


Feeling the beach theme

Ah! The ocean, feel that soft breeze blowing, see the calm and the serenity of the blue waters, oh yeah! Being on the beach twenty four seven, that’s the life.  These are some of the things that brings’ the ocean to life for many of us, but these images can remain with us inside our homes.  A summer beach-house, or a cabin on the beach, the footprints in the sand, and the sea fearing individual that can’t get the smell of the ocean out of their nose.  For many of us with that coastal notion, that don’t live near the ocean, but love it, don’t have access, but crave it, your best bet is to invest in a nautical print pillow. These pillows are a great addition to any room in the house with a beach theme, whether your home is on the beach front or not.  They are perfect for your sofa, bed, chair or even an ottoman. Indoors or outdoors, you can find nautical print pillows for a formal or a whimsical décor.


Images, color, and things


Nautical print pillow design comes in many different coastal images, such as sand dollars, star fish, seashells, tall ships, sea urchin, beach scenes, corals, anchors, you name it, if it’s in or on the ocean you can get it in print.  Nautical colors range from soft pastels, such as marine colors like blues, aqua, and teal, to bold blues, coral and browns.  But, the color white is usually the dominant color used in the background of most nautical themes.  Nautical themed throw pillows can be easily found in most traditional and online stores, it is a very popular theme for decorating.  Decorating in a nautical theme can be awesome, but don’t over-do-it.

Try decorating a room in a nautical theme, maybe the baby’s room, or a beach front patio.  Whatever thejellyfish style? Choose your theme, color and texture, and enjoy decorating your space.

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Decorative Animal Print Pillows

Animal print popularity

Decorative animal print pillows are but one of the elements that stemmed from a style that has been around for a long time.  Animal prints have long been a popular style for many reasons.  Considered an exotic print, and generally an expensive item, animal prints were considered to be a symbol of wealth and status.  As far back as I can remember, but particularly during the 1960s, animal prints have been a very popular print for decorating.  Besides being used on clothing and art, animal prints were very popular when used as a decorative accent, to decorate living areas and bedrooms.  Other common uses for animal prints are on, rugs, wallpaper, or painted surfaces.  Animal prints are also used in designs for safety gears such as helmets, race cars, building exteriors, airplanes, and signage.


The many uses of animal prints

The most popular animal print is Leopard, but there are many other prints that are just as popular, such as Cheetah, Zebra, Tiger, Giraffe, Striped and spotted Hyena, Monkey, and African Wild Dog.  There are many products that use animal prints, like handbags, footwear, jewelry, and textiles.  Room decoration was also a popular use for animal prints, couches, curtains, bed spreads, and decorative animal print pillows were among some of the decorative features used.  In earlier times the coat of animals were actually used for clothing, pillows, couches, and chairs, but today we often use fake fur.  It is much easier to make animal print products today than it was years ago.  Animal prints are like neutrals, because they have earth tones such as brown, beige, and black, a decorative animal print pillow can be used all year round.  I have even seen animal prints in color, such as pink, gold, yellow and purple background, weird, but creative right!

modern rustic safari animal print zebra
modern rustic safari animal print zebra by IAmTrending
Find more Wild animal Pillows at Zazzle

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Art Deco Throw Pillows

The Style

Art deco styling is very common in interior design, and is most commonly used by incorporating art deco throw pillows.  In interior decorating if you mentioned modern technology with smooth lines, geometric shapes, streamed lined forms and bright colors you’d be talking about art deco.  It was looked upon as a design style that was elegant, glamorous, and functional.  It is a mixture of several major art styles from the early twentieth century, such as Aztec, Egyptian, futurism, and cubism to name a few.  Art deco style elements were purely decorative.


Initially art deco was considered a luxury style that was incorporated into furniture, textiles,  and interior design, among other architectural designs.  These were elements that could easily be incorporated into designing an art deco throw pillow.  Because of its modern style art deco designs was especially suitable for interiors.  Some design elements from the era was stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, lacquer, and inlaid wood.  Also introduced was shark-skin and zebra-skin.


A Style that spanned the ages

Many countries around the world adopted the art deco style. The fact, that architects and designers from countries like the United Kingdom, Spain, and Cuba just to name a few adopted this style says a lot.  The movement was very popular during the roaring 20s, the 1930s, and just before World War II.  Its popularity died out for a while during the 1930s and 1940s, and was revived again in the 1960s and 1980s.  Today, you can see the art in many decorative designs in our homes, furniture, and such items as, an art deco throw pillow.

Today, we can add throw pillows that represent the art deco style and design to our sofa, chairs and bed.  Bringing in those smooth lines, geometric shapes, streamed lined forms, and bright colors that will transport us back to the era where luxury, elegance, and glamour were the opulence of society.

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Ethnic Style, Folk Art Throw Pillows

Around the world


While researching folk art throw pillows online, I came across so many different styles of pillows.  So, I thought I would extend my previous article on folk art throw pillows to include ethnic style, folk art throw pillows.  As mentioned in the previous article all cultures have their own type of folk art designs, however, I’ve notice that they all have that basic decorative design element of bright bold colors. Whether the throw pillows were embroidered or painted they all were bold and bright.



I have an interested in most anything ethnic, (as probably most of us do) because my family background is ethnic.  So, if you have an interest in ethnic style folk art throw pillows, there are many available online and in most traditional stores that carry throw pillows.  I’ve captured some images to show, but I’ve also included an image from Zazzle, they also carry ethnic style, folk art throw pillows you can connect with them by clicking on the pillow below.




I hope you enjoy the article and the images I attached to this post.  Smile!


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Folk Art Throw Pillows

The culture of folk art

When I think of folk art, I think of home, and going to the art festival, where there were all kinds of folks with products that represented their culture. Whether, it’s the North American culture, or any other culture in the seven continents, that help make up who you are. Often times you can find products like a quilted folk art throw pillow, a landscape of someone’s barn on the farm, farm animals such as roosters, or even an American flag with baseballs or apple pie.  All these products are part of someone’s culture that has been painted, sewn, embroidered, sculpted and even made from wood by untrained often anonymous artists.  These products were created by artist whose sole intentions is to keep their culture alive and in the minds of the community.


The future of folk art

Most folk art normally has decorative designs, bright bold colors, a flattened perspective, and strong forms in simple arrangements according to dictionary  Folk art throw pillows and other products created by folk art artist are becoming a lost art form.  Because in today’s society, and in our advance technology age, creativity is more on a computer screen than on the natural ways of creating art.  Recently while on the internet I found some folk art throw pillows.  I was surprise to find folk art products available in online or traditional stores.


Finding folk art memories

Every culture has its own style of folk art, but all folk art tells a story of the culture and its people.  So, when decorating your room with a folk art throw pillow, check into your heritage, culture and family.  I can bet your great grandparents, or your grandparent’s has a piece of folk art item stored away as a keepsake.  That piece of folk art reminds them of where they started, or where they’ve been.  If you’d like to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art that represent your culture, start with your older family members.

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Unique Print Pillows

How unique are you?

Having a unique style is a comfortable place for people like me who likes to think outside the box.  It comes in handy when designing a unique print pillow.  With today’s technology it is easy to be as creative as you’d like.  So, thinking outside the box, or taking that little quirky design and adding it onto a throw pillow is not out of the realm of creativity. I don’t see being unique as being so much different, but more like having a one-of-a-kind idea, or item.  This fits right in with decorating your space, because the overall idea is, to be unique.




Unique or novelty!

There are many stores both traditional and online that carry unique print pillows.  These pillows are also called novelty throw pillows, which like all throw unique_basketball_print_pillows-pillows can be designed with your own creative image or by using images provided by the stores.  Unique print pillows come in a variety of textures, shapes and sizes. Your images can be anything from a slice of pizza to a picture of your fish tank.  There’s no limit to what you can customize based on your imagination.


Add a little whimsy!

When decorating a room with throw pillows, add a little personality in the room with a unique print pillow. These pillows inject a little whimsy into the room, and put a smile on your visitors face and on yours.  Believe it or not, a unique print pillow can also be a great conversation starter.  So, if you’re just a little bit uniquely different, and you want to add that whimsical part of you into your décor, go ahead be creative, and make yourself a unique print pillow.

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Creating a throw pillow online

Online research

When researching to review the process of creating a throw pillow online, I looked at several online stores that offered the opportunity to create your own personalize throw pillow.  While all the online stores offered a similar package on creating your personalize throw pillow, I took a look at zazzle packages.  I chose zazzle because besides being able to personalize a throw pillow, the company offered an extensive array of other products that could be personalized to suite your own style.


Choosing a template

This online company offers you a blank pillow template to choose from which includes pillows in several shapes and sizes. They offered square pillows in sizes 16”, 18”, 20”, 22” and 26”, priced from $29.95-$49.95.  Round pillows priced from $28.95-$33.95, and lumbar (rectangular) pillows priced from $34.95-$39.95. There were a few other pillows included in the template, such as body pillows priced from $79.95-$90.90, and accent pillows priced from $32.95.


Your personalized design

After choosing a pillow template in the size and shape you wish, you are then prompted to choose a layout.  Drag and drop your image and begin to personalize your throw pillow.  When creating a throw pillow online you are giving the option of downloading your own personal family pictures, your unique artwork, any text of your choice, and company logos.  But if you don’t have any of these items of your own in mind, Zazzle also offers a number of designs and pictures that you can use.


Company guarantees

Zazzle guarantees that they will process your order within a 24 hour time period. They will provide you a quality product, and if you’re not completely satisfied, there return policy is to replace or refund your product within 30 days of receipt.  Shipping and handling charges applies, and you will receive your product within 5-7 working days. They have a 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.


In conclusion

In reviewing this company’s creating products, I felt confident that I would be able to create and personalized a throw pillow of my choice successfully using my own imagery or even theirs.  The one drawback that was mentioned by a customer’s testimonial was that “some of the design functions could be made more user-friendly”.  Overall I would say that using zazzle for creating a throw pillow online is a great choice.  This company offers you a choice of templates, the ability to upload your designs, artwork, photos, logos, and text to customize your product as you please, and the opportunity to use their designs if you don’t have your own.  So, you see it isn’t too difficult to be able to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art on a throw pillow.  Try it online at

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Written by Terry Parson



Pop Art Throw Pillows

What inspired pop art?


Often times when I’m shopping for throw pillows, I run across pillow that reminds me of my days in elementary school.  Those familiar pillows are known as Pop art throw pillows.  These throw pillows are incorporated with images from paintings that were very popular between the late 1950s and the late 1960s.  The ideas for the modern day movement, was inspired by common things that we all indentify with, in our everyday lives.  These paintings incorporated the commercial and consumer aspect of everyday life. Today those images are as vivid as they were years ago, and can be found on such things as pop art throw pillows.

Essentially the paintings incorporated the imagery, styles, and themes of advertising, mass media and popular culture.  Some of the imagery that was used in thesecomic_book_wham_bang_throw_pillow painting’s, were everyday things such as soup cans and soap boxes.  Mass media played a significant part in the art by including celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe.  Different styles of fashion and shoes also played a significant part in the artist rendition of popular culture.  Some folk art, such as flags were also used, which mixes in some vintage elements while still adding a contemporary feel.  Some of the artist even used comic book characters, and elements from the funny papers.  I can see why these paintings were incorporated into the world of décor as pop art throw pillows.  These images, styles, and mass media aspects are great elements for adding art to a throw pillow. I found this pillow at, as you can see it says it call. It’s a great example of pop art throw pillows.


Adding pop art to your decor

Pillows are a big part of what pulls a room together. Incorporating pop art throw pillows into your décor will make your room pop with vibrant colors and familiar imagery. Throw pillows are normally used to create a layered look of color and texture, both of which can be found in a pop art throw pillow. In my research I found that carries a variety of pop art throw pillows. Try a couple and bring back those memories of yesteryear on a throw pillow.


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