Art Deco Throw Pillows

The Style

Art deco styling is very common in interior design, and is most commonly used by incorporating art deco throw pillows.  In interior decorating if you mentioned modern technology with smooth lines, geometric shapes, streamed lined forms and bright colors you’d be talking about art deco.  It was looked upon as a design style that was elegant, glamorous, and functional.  It is a mixture of several major art styles from the early twentieth century, such as Aztec, Egyptian, futurism, and cubism to name a few.  Art deco style elements were purely decorative.


Initially art deco was considered a luxury style that was incorporated into furniture, textiles,  and interior design, among other architectural designs.  These were elements that could easily be incorporated into designing an art deco throw pillow.  Because of its modern style art deco designs was especially suitable for interiors.  Some design elements from the era was stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, lacquer, and inlaid wood.  Also introduced was shark-skin and zebra-skin.


A Style that spanned the ages

Many countries around the world adopted the art deco style. The fact, that architects and designers from countries like the United Kingdom, Spain, and Cuba just to name a few adopted this style says a lot.  The movement was very popular during the roaring 20s, the 1930s, and just before World War II.  Its popularity died out for a while during the 1930s and 1940s, and was revived again in the 1960s and 1980s.  Today, you can see the art in many decorative designs in our homes, furniture, and such items as, an art deco throw pillow.

Today, we can add throw pillows that represent the art deco style and design to our sofa, chairs and bed.  Bringing in those smooth lines, geometric shapes, streamed lined forms, and bright colors that will transport us back to the era where luxury, elegance, and glamour were the opulence of society.

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6 thoughts on “Art Deco Throw Pillows

  1. The art-deco design era goes well in the modern day style for just about anyone. With the right art-deco throw pillows, you can start with the style of one era and flawlessly combine it with another era. There are some designs of these throw pillows that will definitely fit any style regardless of taste.
    I was unaware how long ago this style had been in existence and as styles change, some styles just keep coming back.
    I am glad to see that you offer some very unique styles of throw pillows because we have been looking to enhance our living room. What a wonderful idea to use art-deco throw pillows to combine our tastes so it all fits together. Thank you for a fantastic idea!

    1. You are so welcome Kenneth. I hope you find the ideal art-deco throw pillow for your living room. I’m glad that you enjoyed the article, and thank you for visiting my website. Good hunting.

  2. I admit to the fact that I am not entirely sure how I feel about art deco. That being said, I really do like the pillow you posted with the woman applying lipstick. Not entirely sure how my husband would feel about that one though. Thank you for giving me much to think about in terms of art deco throw pillows.

    1. I love that you’re keeping an open mind Mia. ArtDeco is not for everyone, but it’s a good jumping off point for anyone that has an interest in something with a little theatrical flair.

  3. I love throw pillows – I have many of them at home. I usually buy solid colour ones because they are easier to match. Patterns pose to be a challenge when having too many of them in different styles give my rooms a messy look. But I have to say, these art deco ones are really fantastic! Such lovely eye candies for the living room. I might just get the fan shape one. Hope you will post up more designs like these!

    1. Hi Lilywong, thanks for visiting my site. It’s nice to meet someone else who loves throw pillows as much as I do. You’re right too many different styles can be overwhelming, the trick is to do it all in the same color hue. I’m so glad you stopped by, and I hope you continue to have fun decorating with your throw pillows.

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